Holiday Goals | The Maldives

Holiday Goals

Words by Felicity Bonello

Holiday Goals | The Maldives

So you’re back in the swing of work and you need a holiday to look forward to? Naturally, when you start to plan your next tropical retreat there’s an inevitable checklist of potential locations you’ll sift through; and well, it got us thinking about what the ideal P.E. Nation holiday might look like. Certainly, it has to tick ALL the boxes, and ultimately, it’s where relaxing and feeling refreshed is just as important as staying active, feeling inspired by your surroundings, and having true self connection with a clear mind.

Bali? Fiji? Of all the world’s dream relaxation destinations, the Maldives delivers most precisely what it promises in all its glossy collateral glory (I mean, who hasn’t dreamt of jumping off overwater bungalow into the deep blue?); so we had P.E. Nation Co-Founder and Creative Director, Pip Edwards test drive the award-winning Club Med Finolhu Villas to see what all the hype was about. If you’re searching for unspoilt vistas, incredible dining and world-class adventure, well, there’s no place quite like the award-winning Club Med Finolhu Villas. In fact, the only problem we’ve found here, is that it’s really hard to talk about Club Med Finolhu Villas without using all the obvious “blinding white sand” superlatives when describing it, because at it’s heart it really is everything you could ever imagine.

There’s one question you need to answer each day; what do you want to do? And that’s where Finolhu Villas really finds an amazing balance between always having something to do, alongside lots of spots that are peaceful and purely relaxing. For all the water babies amongst us you can explore the untouched underwater world of the Maldives through celebrated snorkelling, waterskiing and wakeboarding, scuba diving and surfing. If land action is more your jam you can enjoy live music and entertainment, yoga, beach volleyball, the weights room, tennis and more. Take your pick, but pack your workout gear, because there’s plenty to do that’ll keep your heart rate up and that extra cocktail from your living on your hips.

Plan your holiday wardrobe! What we’re packing:

Holiday Goals | The Maldives

The Flyzip Legging & Altitude Crop.

Holiday Goals | The Maldives

The Flight Series Legging & Motion Strike Crop.

Holiday Goals | The Maldives

The Figure Four Legging & Rocket Shot Tank.

For more information head to the Finolhu Villas here.