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Words by Felicity Bonello

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Between motivational lyrics and exercise specific beats, music does wonders for a workout. If you’ve ever been in the middle of a session at the gym when the playlist cuts out, you know first-hand the difference a good soundtrack can make to your training. And while listening to music when you exercise isn’t a new concept, the idea around why – sans music - the weights suddenly feel heavier and the jump squats feel harder, is a little less obvious

Music is a distraction

Working out to music is proven to make us less aware of our exertion. We’re not saying that you won’t feel fatigued after your next HIIT session, but music provides information for our brains to process, which essentially takes the mind off the exercise burn.

Hit the beat and you’ll keep the pace

Hands up if you feel an extra pep in your step when your favourite tune comes one? Us too. You see, music is known to influence you to run further, ride longer and swim faster; more often than not without you even realizing it. Pick your playlist and go!

Boost your mood

Listen to an upbeat track and we dare you not to move. You don’t have to be exercising to know that music can shift your mood (and your body!) almost instantly. Whatever’s going on during your day, use music while you train to power you through your day.

Music will also exercise your brain

Why leave all the exercise up to your body? It’s proven that musical activity will engage nearly every region of the brain. While part of your brain decodes pitch and tempo, other parts are stimulated by lyrics. Well, that can only be a good thing.

Here at P.E Nation, music is engraved into our lifestyle. We love it, we live by it, we work (and workout!) to it, so naturally it’s a huge part of DRY, FIT FEB where we’ve created a number of playlists for some of our favourite workout styles. These playlists, which can be found on Spotify, will see you through your next Pilate’s class, HIIT session and run/cool down. Over time we plan to develop more and we’ll be collaborating with a few friends-of-the-brand on their playlists too; so keep a look out on our Spotify channel and have your airpods at the ready.

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