A Game Changing Cleanse and The Gear To Get Your Through.

Words by Felicity Bonello

Fatigued? Lethargic? Bloated? Ready to hit the reset button? If you’re anything like us, you are raring for a good cleanse after a seriously merry (but seriously fun) summer break from routine. But where should you start? Well, from our experience there are cleanses and then there are cleanses; and what we can recommend to those who are ready to kick start their 2019 wellness journey is a 3 Day Prodjuice Cleanse. These particular cleanses work by supplying the body with a huge array of plant-based nutrients, through of course, specifically created juices. Not only will these plant based nutrients help to fight free radicals and disease causing activity, they will flush your system of toxic build up, support gut health, reduce inflammation, give you clear skin and eyes, provide immune support and help you to reset your habits.

But it’s not just a detox that will get you on your way. Anne Durhman, Founder of Prodjuice understands the importance of mindful movement when you’re cleansing too. “For me personally meditation is my absolute non negotiable daily practice. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone and everyone (cleansing or not!). However, when you do go into a cleanse phase it’s really nice to go inward and ground yourself daily. Go slow and gentle on the body (and mind) and hold subtle awareness of the changes that are occurring. And listen to the body, it will tell you what it needs; often at this time it’s simply rest. If you’re feeling energetic enough some gentle mindful yoga, stretching or walking can be a lovely way to keep the blood moving, therefore assisting to flush toxins out of the system.” Anne knows there's truth to the old adage, ‘when you look good, you feel good’ too. She explains, “I always have a more successful gym session or feel better at yoga if I’m wearing workout gear I love. I guess it’s that little bit of extra self-confidence that pops an extra spring in your step!“

So what’s a 3 day cleanse look like for you? Let’s break it down by day.

Yoga Looks

Day 1 - YOGA

You’re feeling motivated, it’s the first day of your cleanse and while giving up coffee feels a little on the ambitious side of things you’re headstrong about the detox path ahead. Meet the cleanse head on with a yoga class. What we’re wearing: Comfort is key. You’re going to want stretchy legs and a longer line crop to get the most from your Yoga class. Left to right, Delphi Legging & Aspendos Crop.

Mediation Look


You’ll be feeling the full effects of your detox. You’ll be craving coffee (or whatever your vise might be) as you eliminate physical and emotional toxicities that have accumulated. It’s time to sit with yourself and meditate; to allow your mind-body to return to a natural state of balance and health. What we’re wearing: You don’t need any distractions while you meditate. Again, comfort reigns supreme, so a lightweight track pant with a relaxed tank is the answer. Left to right, Blade Pant & Swingman Sweat.

Unwind Look

Day 3 – WALK

You are on the home stretch, and it’s time to literally walk out of your cleanse. A quiet walk will allow you to be mindful throughout your movements and also nourish and support the body at the same time, further encouraging gentle detoxification to take place). What we’re wearing: You’re at the final day of your cleanse and you need to feel supported and relaxed with an easy legging, crop and long sleeve top. Left to right, Open Stroke Legging & Acceleration Crop.

Prodjuice cleanse

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