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P.E Nation is all about strong, powerful women who live an active, multi-faceted lifestyle. So when we met Alexa Towersey, we knew we had found someone who not only looks amazing in our clothing, but represents everything P.E Nation stands for. With over 15 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry as a personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach, bio-signature practitioner and media personality, Alexa is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on female fitness.

We wanted Alexa to put P.E to the test and give us a few personalised workouts to get our butts (literally) into gear.

Alexa says: All workouts should be preceded by a structured dynamic warmup that focuses on opening up through the front of the hips, and then engaging the glutes.  A dynamic warmup is really important for priming the nervous system, preparing the body for movement, identifying and addressing any structural imbalances, switching on the right muscles and reinforcing correct movement patterns.  I like to use 5-10 mins cardio first which warms the body up before asking it to go into mobility drills. 

Skipping is a fantastic option as it strengthens the arches of the feet which translates into strength and tone throughout the entire leg, in addition to improving balance and co-ordination. Top tip:  if the hip flexors are too tight, the glutes won’t fire and you don’t want to be Quadzilla!


Hip openers

10 x spiderman with twist (towards the front knee)

10 x overhead reverse lunge (focus on driving the back hip forward underneath you)

Glute activators

15 x fire hydrants (leg bent at 90 degrees and lifted to the side like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant)

15 x single leg glute bridges (one knee hugged in towards the chest)


If you love training legs, and want to help sculpt and tone that booty whilst improving your high end fitness, then this is for you.

20 x bodyweight squat (ass to grass)

20 x reverse lunge (alternating legs) – lean slightly forward to engage the gluten more

20 x lateral lunge (side to side)

12 x split jump (lunge jumps)

10 x squat jumps

15 x dead ball slams.

60-90 secs rest. 3-5 rounds.


If you want to create buns of steel this workout is for you

20 x Hip thrust off couch/chair (shoulder blades on the seat)

15 x Bulgarian Spilt Squat each leg with back foot on couch/chair

20 x lateral lunge (alternating legs)

20 x curtsy lunge (alternating legs)

20 x Wide leg sumo squat jump

60 sec wall sit.

60 secs rest.  3-5 rounds.

Alexa wears the Delta Time SweatBlind Side Legging and the Running Back Short. For more info on Alexa, visit her website and Instagram, or check out her online coaching here.

Images: @jamesjoel